Stronger Together

About Úle Kirá

The aim of Úle Kirá is to maximize the use of food packaging, to close the life cycle of post-industrial waste and at the same time offer a solution on the socio-economic level.

Úle Kirá has proved to be successful in many ways. The success derives from the beauty and quality of the products, its innovative nature and contribution to society, and to the profits it provides the women who make them. We are truly proud of Úle Kirá. This project is real evidence that the joint efforts of businesses, organizations and individuals, all motivated by the common good, is possible and can be successful. All businesses, large and small, can apply the concepts of sustainable development through the integration of social, environmental and economic entrepreneurship that benefits all parties involved.

 The Producers

Úle Kirá promotes and enables women to work and earn their own living. The company allows the women to carry out tasks related to home and family, while generating income.  We believe in providing opportunities to the women behind the Úle Kirá products to produce on their own time and in their own space.


The Material

Our products are made from polypropylene waste generated on the factory floor. This type of waste is currently not being recycled in Costa Rica. Úle Kirá is an innovative response and solution to the challenge represented by the lack of management of these wastes, guided by the principles of sustainable development. 

The Products

Úle Kirá bags have a sleek look and feel reminiscent of modern art, seemingly at odds with the humble origins of the principal raw material used in their making. From the brightly colored plastic bags originally destined as packaging for convenience foods such as potato and corn chips, they are handmade by the participants of the Úle Kirá project.

For a view of the Ulé Kirá collection, visit Web Store.


Awards and Recognition

As a pilot effort in the larger project 'Linking Hands' Ulé Kirá was awarded the Contribution to the Community Award in 2007.  Úle Kirá has also received press coverage, among others on Costa Rican Canal 11.




Eco Global

Eco Global SA Costa Rica is a SME consulting company aimed at promoting sustainable development at the national and international level. The main purpose of Eco Global is to contribute efficiently and effectively to human development by assisting private and government sectors in their efforts to continually improve performance.

For more information about Eco Global visit ecoglobala.com