Stronger Together

Support the Project

We can all change the world! Contribute to assure that Úle Kirá will continue to grow and achieve the expected results both at the social and environmental level.

We are grateful for all types of contributions, but are particularly interested in recruiting additional factories as suppliers of waste polypropylene. In addition to the moral obligation involved in contributing to the quality of life of the women involved in the project and avoiding the negative environmental impacts that the packaging waste would cause if it was discarded, a contribution to this project can also yield positive publicity, economic and reputational benefits for your company.

Other areas where interested individuals or groups may help Úle Kirá includes legal support, business planning and management, export capacity building, product design and innovation, web site management, internet use, capacity building and English skills development.

We welcome students within the above mentioned study fields who search for internships as part of their degrees, can work independently, are ready for some real responsibility and want to contribute to and experience sustainable development in practice.

Cash donations are currently being handled by ALCALA through a bank account opened and maintained specifically and solely for this purpose. Contact us for further details.

Want to sell Úle Kirá in your shop? Contact us for further information.